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Sweet but Fearless aims to accelerate the advancement of frontline women leaders within the workplace.

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Accelerate your leadership skill development and business acumen utilizing the most engaging and effective content driven solutions online. Our State-of-the-Art 90 day program, "Get Paid What You're Worth" offers content, coaching, PDF's, videos, enveloped by a community of successful women. We create a disciplined environment, fostering agile success, mental and emotional health, and workplace success.


  • Science based online self-assessment
  • Structured but flexible curriculum, bite size training with follow up activities
  • Behavior reinforcement course
  • Premier skill development videos with step by step instructions
  • 2,  One hour group  coaching sessions
  • Bonus:  Chat Room Q&A’s
  • Bonus: Access to a private community of seasoned, diverse successful women to help answer your most pressing question-a diverse learning community

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Take control of your finances

Fearless Mindset

Your Winning Interview Strategy

Plan For Success Today

Discover the Tools and Resources You Need to Build a Successful Career Blueprint


Reflect- time spent up front assessing your skills, interests, passions can serve as the driver for your plan.


Research- you do not have to create everything from scratch, our leadership expertise along with established learning principles will assist in the agile skill development.


Rebuild- you will learn not only what to replace, but how to craft an everlasting framework that you can depend on over and over again to bring success.

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