Jordan M., Financial Consultant

"As I was going through the interview process after a layoff, I was so glad I could work with Mary and her team to help guide me, provide resources and be that positive support I needed. ps, I got the job too!!!!”

Bob Gieger

Before I took courses from Sweet but Fearless I was swimming in the ocean without a life jacket or navigation tools; afterward I felt I confident and clear on what I wanted and needed to do.”

Andrea Dora

"I transitioned from being the talent to transforming into a business owner and one
who could help other artists. Sharing my journey and ideas with Sweet but Fearless,
opened more doors and new ways of thinking."

About Us

At Sweet but Fearless, we believe in the supportive spirit of professional women. In truth, we’re passionate about it! Building a platform where we could bring women together to share their unique ideas, similar experiences, challenges faced, and accomplishments achieved became our mission. Having access to these conversations can influence your career development and help you to connect with women who can be peers, mentors, and advisors.

We also recognize that today’s career path is no longer a linear journey and offer resources, training, and straightforward guidance to help you get over that hump, get out of a career rut, or achieve a long-held goal.

So why “fearless”? We were inspired by the Fearless Girl statue in New York, a statue that symbolizes female empowerment. She stood in front of the Wall Street Bull and fearlessly faced down the snorting bull. Sweet but Fearless, and our Fearless Nation, is that girl, facing a challenge in front of her and fearlessly facing it down, together.

Cooper Alexander

Cooper Alexander has spearheaded projects and led cross-functional teams in successfully delivering strategic business results. With 10 years experience in leading people and projects within Fortune 500 and small-sized companies, she is passionate about mentoring teams, celebrating successes and exceeding objectives.

With her love for to-do lists, she has managed multiple projects and priorities in a fast-paced environment. As a consultant, her focus is to remove barriers and heighten engagement for clients. By managing their operational needs, her clients are able to optimize their day and priorities.

Whether as a people leader or individual contributor, she believes in creating a culture of respect, diversity, accountability and engagement. She’s led formal and informal training sessions, advocated change management, resolved client grievances and conducted gap analysis of employee skills to create customized development plans.

Gale Northrop

Gale Northrop is an executive market leader in the financial industry with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. She has been working in the financial services industry for 24 years. She started unlicensed and moved through the ranks in many different roles from customer service to training and leadership.

Her degree is in Physics, with a double minor in Computer Science and Math, but her heart and soul always called her towards the business world. With her love for helping the less fortunate, she has been a Chairwoman for the Make A Wish Foundation Corporate Council and she has volunteered for other organizations, serving those who are homeless and those affected by human trafficking.

Gale and her family have owned several different businesses through the years. Her son and daughter are also budding entrepreneurs building their own websites and finding ways to monetize the things that they know and love.

Mary Sullivan

Mary Sullivan is a former executive leader in the financial services industry with over 30 years experience.

She began her career after completing her Masters in Spanish and undergraduate in Political Science. Mary has held many leadership positions that involved starting new businesses around the globe, architecting service models and leading bilingual call center teams, all with business and leadership development at the center.

With her passion for helping women and other underrepresented groups, Mary has been an advocate for organizations that support and promote all women, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Rock the Street Wall Street, #IamRemarkable facilitator and many others.

Mary believes being fearless means taking risks and holding herself and those with power accountable to be their best. She encourages everyone to learn and evolve , no matter where they are in their life stage. Learning is a journey not a destination and Mary has continued her professional growth at Harvard Business School and Cornell.

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