How can I present the best version of myself? In my current role? In any potential roles? What if I lose my job? Balance? Ha! I’m so unbalanced, you could tip me over! How do I network virtually? How do I have the confidence I need to get promoted?

What’s the Sweet But Fearless Podcast?

A woman alone has power; collectively we are fearless. Helping to create a roadmap for your next opportunity, Sweet but Fearless aims to motivate every woman to feel more in control and to live with a purpose. The podcast was created to help empower the working women to explore the obstacles and challenges when faced with a job transition. Every week we will be coming to you with a mix of solo and interview episodes to highlight stories of inspiring women, to encourage and celebrate each other’s successes, have panel discussions about current informative stories, and provide tools and tricks you can use today to step into your own fearlessness. Your hosts Mary Sullivan, Gale Northrop, and Cooper Alexander aim to create a community where women are encouraged, empowered, and inspired, while providing practical advice for women, from women…and having a little bit of fun along the way.

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