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2024 Career Goals Complimentary Assessment

The first step is reflecting, and assessing what do you want, and then we can help you prioritize them?

Sweet but Fearless created the RX3 learning methodology in order to help frontline leaders who want to level up, find new opportunities within or outside of their current company. Our goal is to accelerate your soft skill learning, and help you create a Career GPS so that you can approach your goals with clarity and confidence.

Maybe you have been passed over, undervalued, our programs develop confidence, and accelerate skill development Our unique RX3 learning methodology accelerates skills so you can earn that next promotion faster.

Career Transformation Academy – CTA

The Career Transformation Academy (CTA), was created by women just like you, women who had to add new skills, let go of bad habits, surround themselves with a supportive community in order to move up that corporate ladder. Going it alone can make the obstacles and hurdles we face seem impossible to break through. Having a collective group of brilliant and determined women to learn from and talk with, those career breakthroughs will become your greatest career achievements and fast track you to the next level.You will create your Call To Action and transform your career.  Some of us even created a new ladder, an entrepreneurial ladder. 

$29.99 USD/Monthly (normally $199)
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Sweet but Fearless reviewed my resume and ensured my best me was shining through.


-Kathleen Whipple


Don’t think twice. These courses are the real deal and I negotiated 25% more than I thought possible and learned new skills along the way . 

-Jordan Merlino 


Thanks to Mary , I have the confidence to go after my career dreams with a plan in place. I was afraid to go for it before.

-Nicole Cox

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From Sweet but Fearless:

To us, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.

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