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Your Winning Interview Strategy Course
A comprehensive course that will teach you how to successfully navigate the job interview with confidence and authority.
Lesson 3: Identifying & Researching Your Target Companies
It's time to find a company and job that aligns with who you are. You created your personal SWOO, now it's time to create the company SWOO.
Lesson 4: The Art of the Interview
It's Game Time! Let's talk about what the interviewer is looking for and the types of questions you may receive during the actual interview.
Lesson 5: Lasting Positive Impression
The interview is coming to an end and you have one last chance to leave a positive impression. Close strong... and consider these tips for success!
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Wow, you made it, you completed this course and as we said in the beginning, you have taken the first step by signing up for the course and now second steps in adapting a new skill , learning a new strategy. You have opened your mind to a new methodology and  watched hours of  videos.  Hopefully you have also read through some if not all of the PDF’s and workbooks.   Phew, that is serious preparation for a serious job interview.   The final step is to put this strategy into action. We know you have the motivation, now you have the skills. Please share your comments and questions with us so we can continue on the interview journey with you. 

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