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Your Winning Interview Strategy Course
A comprehensive course that will teach you how to successfully navigate the job interview with confidence and authority.
Lesson 3: Identifying & Researching Your Target Companies
It's time to find a company and job that aligns with who you are. You created your personal SWOO, now it's time to create the company SWOO.
Lesson 4: The Art of the Interview
It's Game Time! Let's talk about what the interviewer is looking for and the types of questions you may receive during the actual interview.
Lesson 5: Lasting Positive Impression
The interview is coming to an end and you have one last chance to leave a positive impression. Close strong... and consider these tips for success!
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Are you spending endless hours interviewing for the wrong jobs? Are you finding out after you have spent 3 weeks or more, that the company you thought was your #1 pick, was actually #100?  Are you tired of hearing no after an interview and want to hear yes, you are our #1 choice?  Follow along in your workbook and start creating your personal company matchmaker list. 

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